Updated on 2024-03-19 GMT+08:00


You can use the basic functions of CTS for free, including enabling a tracker, tracking traces, as well as storing and querying traces of the last seven days. In addition, CTS works with other Huawei Cloud services to provide you with value-added functions such as trace file transfer and encryption. These functions may generate fees in other cloud services, but the fees are usually low. Use the value-added functions as needed.

Value-added functions:

  • Trace transfer: You can configure a tracker to transfer trace files to OBS buckets. Trace files transferred by the management tracker are permanently stored, and trace files transferred by a data tracker are stored for a specified period.
  • Trace file encryption: After enabling trace transfer, you can use Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) to encrypt trace files stored in OBS buckets.
  • Trace analysis: This function is provided by CTS and is free to use. However, it depends on log storage of Log Tank Service (LTS), which may generate fees.
  • Key event notification: CTS provides the key event notification function to send notifications to your mobile phones and email addresses when specific operations are performed. You need to subscribe to topics on the Simple Message Notification (SMN) console for this function to take effect.