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Updated on 2024-03-19 GMT+08:00

Organizations Trusted Services

What Is a Trusted Service?

The Organizations service helps you govern multiple accounts within your organization. It enables you to consolidate multiple Huawei Cloud accounts into an organization that you create and centrally manage these accounts. You can use Service Control Policies (SCPs) to control the maximum available permissions for all accounts in your organization. This helps you better meet the service security and compliance requirements of your business.

A trusted service is a Huawei Cloud service that is entrusted by Organizations to provide organizational capabilities. You can use the management account in Organizations to enable trusted services. Each trusted service has access to the information about the organization units (OUs) and member accounts in your organization and also can manage the entire organization.

CTS supports multi-account management of Organizations.

  1. Use an organization administrator account to set CTS as a trusted service on the Organizations console and specify a delegated administrator account.
  2. You can use the delegated administrator account to configure an organization tracker in CTS. Then the delegated administrator account can implement cloud audit capabilities, such as security audit. Audit logs of all members in the organization in the current region will be transferred to the OBS bucket or LTS log stream configured for the tracker.