Updated on 2023-01-17 GMT+08:00


You can use the basic functions of CTS for free, including enabling a tracker, tracking traces, as well as storing and querying traces of the last seven days. In addition, CTS works with other Huawei Cloud services to provide you with value-added functions such as trace file transfer and encryption. These functions may generate fees in other cloud services.

Value-added functions:

  • Trace transfer: OBS is required. Trace files configured for the management tracker are permanently stored, and trace files configured for the data tracker are stored based on the transfer time.
  • Trace file encryption: After enabling trace transfer, you can use Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) to encrypt trace files stored in OBS buckets.
  • Trace analysis: This function is provided by CTS and is free to use. However, it depends on log storage of Log Tank Service (LTS), which may generate fees.