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Updated on 2024-03-15 GMT+08:00

Application Scenarios

Building a Cloud Resource Structure

If your enterprise has multiple branches, departments, or different service applications, you can use Organizations to build a hierarchical cloud resource structure suited to your own management and operational methods.

Figure 1 Sample cloud resource structure tailored for enterprise requirements

Centrally Managing Multiple Enterprise Accounts

If your enterprise has multiple Huawei Cloud accounts and you want to centrally manage these accounts and their resources, you can use Organizations to create an organization for centralized management of these otherwise scattered accounts.

Figure 2 Centralized management of multiple enterprise accounts

Preventing Business Violations

To meet certain internal or external requirements, your enterprise may need to specify regulations for different departments and business environments (production, testing, or development). Organizations can help you proactively intercept nonconforming behavior and prevent compliance violations.

Figure 3 Policy-based behavior control

Providing Enterprise-Class Governance Capabilities

Cloud services, such as Config, are integrated into Organizations to provide you with enterprise-class capabilities, such as centralized resource audits, operational audits, and resource sharing among multiple services within a given resource architecture.

Figure 4 Enterprise-class governance