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Updated on 2023-02-16 GMT+08:00

Step 1: Create a Connection

Figure 1 shows how Direct Connect connects your on-premises data center to a VPC.

Figure 1 Connecting your data center to a VPC
  • Scenario

    You need to create a connection to connect your data center to the Direct Connect location you have selected to build a hybrid cloud.

    After you create a connection on the console, Huawei Cloud will provide you with a port for exclusive use. To establish the connection, you need to connect the leased line to the Direct Connect location you have selected. Figure 2 shows the process of connecting your data center to Huawei Cloud using Direct Connect.

    Figure 2 Self-service installation process
  • Procedure
    1. Create a connection.
      1. Log in to the management console.
      2. On the console homepage, click in the upper left corner and select the desired region and project.
      3. Hover on to display Service List and choose Networking > Direct Connect.
      4. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Direct Connect > Connections.
      5. Click Create Connection.
      6. On the Create Connection page, enter the equipment room details and select the Direct Connect location and port based on Table 1.
        Table 1 Parameter description



        Billing Mode

        Specifies how you are charged for the connection. Currently, only Yearly/Monthly is supported.


        Specifies the region where the connection resides. You can also change the region in the upper left corner of the console.

        Connection Name

        Specifies the name of your connection.


        Specifies the Direct Connect location where your leased line can be connected to.


        Specifies the carrier that provides the leased line.

        Port Type

        Specifies the type of the port that the leased line is connected to. There are four types of ports: 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, and 100GE.

        Leased Line Bandwidth

        Specifies the bandwidth of the connection in the unit of Mbit/s. This is the bandwidth of the leased line you bought from the carrier.

        Your Equipment Room Address

        Specifies the address of your equipment room. The address must be specific to the floor on which your equipment room is located, for example, XX Equipment Room, XX Building, No. XX, Huajing Road, Pudong District, Shanghai.


        Identifies the connection. A tag consists of a key and a value. You can add 10 tags to a connection.

        Tag keys and values must meet the requirements listed in Table 2.


        If a predefined tag has been created on Tag Management Service (TMS), you can directly select the corresponding tag key and value.

        For details about predefined tags, see Predefined Tag Overview.


        Provides supplementary information about the connection.

        Contact Person/Phone Number/Email

        Specifies who is responsible for your connection.


        If you do not provide any contact information in this field, we will contact the person in your account information.

        Required Duration

        Specifies how long the connection will be used for.


        Specifies whether to automatically renew the subscription to ensure service continuity.

        For example, if the required duration is three months, the system automatically renews the subscription for another three months.

        Enterprise Project

        Provides a cloud resource management mode where cloud resources and members are centrally managed by project.

        Table 2 Tag key and value requirements




        • Cannot be left blank.
        • Must be unique for each resource.
        • Can contain a maximum of 36 characters.
        • Can contain only letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, and Unicode characters from \u4e00 to \u9fff.


        • Can be left blank.
        • Can contain a maximum of 43 characters.
        • Can contain only letters, digits, period, hyphens, underscores, and Unicode characters from \u4e00 to \u9fff.
      7. Click Confirm Configuration.
      8. Confirm the connection information and click Pay Now.
      9. Confirm the order, select a payment method, and click Confirm.
    2. Connect your on-premises data center to the cloud.
      1. After you have paid for the order, the system automatically allocates a connection ID for you, and the connection information is displayed on the management console. The connection status is Creating, when you will be contacted to confirm the construction plan and relevant information (including your company name, constructor, expected construction time, and construction workers).
      2. After having confirmed the construction plan, you can arrange the carrier to deploy the dedicated line and connect it to your equipment room based on your construction plan.
      3. In normal cases, Huawei resident engineers will connect the dedicated line to the Huawei Cloud gateway port within two working days.
      4. After the construction is complete, the connection status becomes Normal, indicating that the connection is ready.

    Create a virtual gateway and associate the virtual gateway with the VPC.

    Create a virtual interface to associate the connection with the created virtual gateway, and connect your data center to the VPC through the connection.