Updated on 2023-10-28 GMT+08:00


When your on-premises network needs to communicate with a VPC, you can create a Direct Connect connection on the console to establish network connectivity between your premises and the cloud.

The telecom carrier needs to perform a site survey and lay the leased line, which takes about two or three months. Make sure that you arrange enough time for the project.

Figure 1 shows the process for connecting your on-premises environment to Huawei Cloud.

Figure 1 Process for establishing network connectivity

Registering with Huawei Cloud

To access the Direct Connect console, you need an account. If you do not have an account, register one with Huawei Cloud.

  1. Visit the Huawei Cloud official website.
  2. Click Register in the upper right corner.

    The registration page is displayed. Enter required information as prompted. After the registration, the system automatically redirects you to your personal information page.

After registration, your account will have permissions to access the Direct Connect service, as well as all other Huawei Cloud services.

Topping Up Your Account

Top up your account to ensure that your account has sufficient balance.