Updated on 2022-02-22 GMT+08:00


Figure 1 and Table 1 describe how to use Teleport-based DES.

Figure 1 Process of using Teleport-based DES
Table 1 Description for the process of using DES



Logging in to DES Console

Register with HUAWEI CLOUD and subscribe to DES.

Creating a bucket

Data is stored in OBS buckets. You must create a bucket on OBS before using DES.

Creating a DES order

You are advised to select a Huawei DC nearby and create a Teleport-based order.

Receiving the Teleport and connecting cables

Unpack and configure the device after receiving the Teleport from a Huawei DC.

Copying data

Copy local data to the Teleport storage system.

Downloading and importing the signature file

A signature file is the unique identifier of the Teleport in a service order. Before returning the Teleport, you must store the signature file in the teleportshare root directory.

Powering off and packing the Teleport

After all local data has been transmitted to the Teleport, power it off and pack it.

Sending back the Teleport

Send the Teleport back to the Huawei DC. The Teleport storage system that is sent back must contain the signature file.

Starting data transmission

Data upload starts after the administrator mounts the Teleport to a server and after you input the AK and SK.

Viewing the data transmission result

After data transmission is complete, you can download the generated data transmission report to check whether all data is successfully uploaded.