Updated on 2022-09-15 GMT+08:00

API Overview

Table 1 APIs



Lifecycle management APIs

Create instances, modify instance information, and query, delete, and restart instances.

Instance management APIs

Reset the password, reset Kafka Manager password, restart Kafka Manager, configure automatic topic creation, modify the private IP address for cross-VPC access, query Kafka cluster metadata, query consumer group details, reset consumer group offset to the specified position, query coordinator details of a Kafka instance, add partitions to a topic for a Kafka instance, query the disk usage status of topics, query all consumer groups, and reassign replicas of a topic for a Kafka instance.

Specification modification management APIs

Query product information for instance specification modification, and modify instance specifications.

Topic management APIs

Create a topic for a Kafka instance, list topics of a Kafka instance, modify topics of a Kafka instance, delete topics of a kafka instance in batches, and query details about a topic.

User management APIs

List users, create a user, delete a user, reset the user password, query user permissions, and configure user permissions.

Message query APIs

Query a message with a specified offset, query a message with a specified time period, and query offset of the earliest or latest message in a partition.

Background task management APIs

List background tasks, query a background task, and delete a background task.

Tag management APIs

Add or delete tags in batches, list tags of an instance, and list tags of a project.

Other APIs

List AZ information, query product specifications, query Kafka instance monitoring dimensions, and list maintenance time windows.