Updated on 2023-08-18 GMT+08:00

What Is DMS for Kafka?

Apache Kafka is distributed message middleware that features high throughput, data persistence, horizontal scalability, and stream data processing. It adopts the publish-subscribe pattern and is widely used for log collection, data streaming, online/offline system analytics, and real-time monitoring.

Distributed Message Service (DMS) for Kafka is a message queuing service based on Apache Kafka. This service provides Kafka premium instances. The computing, storage, and bandwidth resources used by an instance are exclusively occupied by the user. You can apply for instances as required. The instances can be used right out of the box, taking off the deployment and O&M pressure for you so that you can focus on developing your services.

Readers' Guide

This documentation introduces DMS for Kafka and its differences from Apache Kafka. You will learn about the detailed information about the specifications, console operations, and client access to instances of Huawei CloudDMS for Kafka.

For more information about the basic knowledge of Kafka or technical details about creating and retrieving messages, please go to the official Apache Kafka website.