Updated on 2023-07-12 GMT+08:00

Restarting Kafka Manager


Restart Kafka Manager when you fail to log in to it or it cannot provide services as usual.

Figure 1 Error information

Restarting Kafka Manager does not affect services.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner to select a region.

    Select the region where your Kafka instance is located.

  3. Click and choose Application > Distributed Message Service (for Kafka) to open the console of DMS for Kafka.
  4. Restart Kafka Manager using either of the following methods:

    • In the row containing the desired Kafka instance, choose More > Restart Kafka Manager.
    • Click the desired Kafka instance to view the instance details. In the upper right corner, choose More > Restart Kafka Manager.

  5. Click Yes.

    You can view the operation progress on the Background Tasks page. If the task status is Successful, the restart has succeeded.