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Data Security Center

Data Security Center (DSC) is a latest-generation cloud data security management platform that protects your data assets by leveraging its data protection capabilities such as data classification, risk identification, data masking, and watermark-based source tracking. DSC gives you an insight into the security status of each stage in data security lifecycle and provides constant visibility of the security status of your data assets.

Progressive Knowledge

DSC knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


DSC features and application scenarios are provided to help you quickly select your desired type to match services.

Service Overview


Get started quickly with DSC functions.

Getting Started


Best practices for a variety of services and requirements help you quickly identify and mask sensitive data.

Quick Sensitive Data Identification and Masking


Several DSC APIs and calling examples help you quickly get started with DSC, for example, adding watermarks for databases or documents and masking sensitive data.

API Reference


Learn more about common issues and solutions.