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Elastic Volume Service

Elastic Volume Service (EVS) offers scalable block storage with high reliability, high performance, and abundant specifications for cloud servers. EVS disks can be used for various scenarios to meet diverse business requirements.

Progressive Knowledge

EVS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


EVS disk types and features are provided to help you quickly select your desired disk type to match services. This facilitates rapid service migration to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Service Overview

Service Features


After purchasing a data disk, you must attach the disk to a server and initialize (format) it before using it.

Attaching an EVS Disk

Introduction to Data Disk Initialization

Introduction to Data Disk Initialization

Introduction to Data Disk Initialization


EVS disk performance can be improved in many ways, like cleaning up disks or creating RAID arrays.

Best Practices


EVS billing modes and configurations are available for you to select. You can choose different specifications for disks and use them in diverse application scenarios. In addition, you can use the price calculator to easily estimate your disk fee.

Price Details

Purchasing an EVS Disk


Abundant EVS APIs and calling examples help you manage EVS resources, including disks, snapshots, tags, and transfers.

API Reference


Learn more about common issues and solutions.