Updated on 2023-02-15 GMT+08:00

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This is the tenth official release.

Added the following sections:

Added the following content:

  • The malicious file policy of the HSS enterprise edition supported reverse shell detection.
  • The program list and package names can be viewed.
  • The detection time and period can be customized for asset discovery policies.
  • Rootkit alarms
  • Risks in the baseline configuration can be rectified in one-click mode.


This is the ninth official release.



This is the eighth official release.

Added the following sections:

Free Scan on Unprotected Servers

Vulnerability Scan (Manual)


This is the seventh official release.

Added Upgrading Your Edition.


This is the sixth official release.

Added the following sections:

Enabling Protection

Disabling Protection

Installing Agents in Batches (with the Same Server Account and Password)


This is the fifth official release.

Added the basic edition (yearly/monthly) on the purchase page.


This is the fourth official release.

Modified the description about the basic edition. The basic edition can be used free of charge within a specific period.


This is the third official release.

Added the application protection function.

This function is available in the following regions: CN-Hong Kong, AP-Bangkok, and AP-Singapore.

Ransomware prevention is supported in Windows.


This is the second official issue.

Added description about specifying asset importance.

Added description about exporting baseline check items.

Added description about detecting application vulnerabilities.


This issue is the first official release.