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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

How Do I Use CodeCheck?


CodeCheck is a cloud-based code check service. It provides developers with multi-language static code check, defect improvement suggestions, and detailed quality reports, helping teams maintain code quality.

Operation Process

The following describes the basic operation process of using CodeCheck.

Figure 1 Basic operation process

Process Description



Create a CodeCheck task

On the DevCloud homepage, choose Services > CodeCheck. Click Create Task to create a CodeCheck task.

Execute a CodeCheck task

After a CodeCheck task is created, click Start Check on the task details or the task list page.

View the CodeCheck report

After the check is complete, you can view the task details.

  • Overview: displays the check result chart.
  • Issues: displays defect details and modification suggestions.
  • Logs: displays the execution history, procedure logs, and check parameter details.
  • Settings: allows you to configure CodeCheck tasks (such as changing check rule sets and setting quality gates).

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