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Basic Operation Procedure

Updated at: Mar 10, 2021 GMT+08:00

OBS basic operations include creating a bucket, uploading an object, and downloading an object.

Figure 1 shows the general process of using OBS, which aims to provide you an overview of OBS basic operations. For more details, see the related documents.

Figure 1 Basic operation procedure
  1. Register with HUAWEI CLOUD and top up the account. For details, see Step 1: Making Preparations.
  2. You need to obtain the access keys (AK/SK) for authentication before accessing OBS using any methods other than the console. For details, see Step 2: Obtaining Access Keys (AK and SK).
  3. Before using SDKs, APIs, and obsutil, you need to obtain the endpoints. For details, see Step 3: Obtaining Endpoints.
  4. Before using the tools (OBS Browser+ and obsutil) or SDKs, you need to download the tools or SDK source code and perform initial configuration. For details, see Step 4: Downloading and Initializing the Tools.
  5. A bucket is a container for storing objects on OBS. Before uploading an object, you need to create a bucket. For details, see Step 5: Creating a Bucket.
  6. Upload data to OBS. For details, see Step 6: Uploading an Object.
  7. Download data from the OBS. For details, see Step 7: Downloading an Object.

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