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Updated on 2024-04-28 GMT+08:00

Topping Up an Account (Prepaid Direct Customers)

Important Notes

You can set an expenditure limit alert on the Overview page. You will receive a text message when your balance is less than the preset threshold.

Prepaid customers top up their account before using resources. Top-up is not supported for enterprise member accounts.

Postpaid customers can spend first and then pay the billed expenditures. Top-up is not supported for postpaid customers. For details about the repayment operation, see Making Repayments (Postpaid Direct Customers).


  1. Open the Pay page.
  2. Select a payment method.

    • Online Payment

      Enter a top-up amount and click Next. You are redirected to the payment page. Complete the payment process.

      Click Switch Currency. The Preferences page of My Account is displayed. Then, select the payment currency you want, and click Save.

    • Bank Transfer

      • You can view the top-up account information on the invoices issued to you or on the Billing Center. The Billing Center displays only the most current top-up account information. The top-up accounts on the historical invoices may be different.
      • To ensure timely and accurate payment confirmation, please make your payments based on the account and currency information on the invoice, and specify the invoice number.
      • The money will be transferred to a top-up account in two or three days within the same country/region. Cross-country or cross-regions transfers take longer. Contact your bank to learn the details.

      After you transfer the money to the top-up account, do as follows:

      1. On the bank transfer page, click Transfer Ticket to access the Create Service Ticket page.
      2. Enter the bank transfer information.

        The receipt will be recorded under the currently logged-in user by default. If there are any special circumstances, please specify them in Problem Description.

      1. Upload the bank transfer certificate and submit the service ticket.

        After the bank transfer is complete, Huawei Cloud will top up your account upon the request from the service ticket within three working days.