Updated on 2023-09-12 GMT+08:00


By reading this document, you can quickly understand the billing modes, billing items, renewals, and arrears of MapReduce Service (MRS).

  • Billing Modes

    Currently, MRS supports Yearly/Monthly and pay-per-use billing mode.

    Yearly/Monthly is a prepaid mode. You need to pay for the service before using it. The settlement is based on the purchase period. Therefore, before purchasing a service, you must ensure that your account balance is sufficient. The pay-per-use billing mode is a postpaid mode. In this mode, you need to use the MRS cluster before paying for it. You are charged based on the actual usage duration of the MRS cluster.

    For details about the two billing modes, see Introduction.

    After purchasing an MRS cluster, you can change the billing mode if the current billing mode cannot meet service requirements. For details, see Introduction.

  • Billing Items

    The billing items of an MRS cluster consist of the MRS management fee and IaaS infrastructure resource fee (ECS and EVS). For details about the billing factors and formulas of each billing item, see Billing Item.

    For details about billing examples in actual scenarios and the fee calculation process of each billing item in different billing modes, see Billing Examples.

  • Renewals

    After a yearly/monthly MRS cluster expires, the cluster cannot run properly. If you want to continue using an MRS cluster, you need to renew it within the specified period. Otherwise, you cannot perform operations on the cluster on the MRS management console, call related APIs, and stop O&M services such as automatic monitoring and alarm reporting. You can renew your subscription manually or automatically. For more information about renewal, see Introduction.

  • Bills

    You can choose Fees and Costs > Bills on the top of the management console to go to the Billing Center. On the Bills page, you can view transaction records and detailed bills related to MRS clusters to learn about your expenditures. For details, see Bills.

  • Overdue Payment

    When using MRS, you do not need to pay arrears for yearly/monthly clusters.

    In pay-per-use mode, cluster fees are deducted every hour. If your account balance is insufficient to pay for the expense occurred in the last hour, your account will be in arrears, and MRS clusters have a retention period. If the clusters are renewed within the retention period, they will be available and charged from the original expiration date. For details, see Arrears.

  • Stopping Billing

    The terminated or unsubscribed MRS cluster is no longer billed. For details, see Stopping Billing.

  • Cost Management

    You can manage your costs from 4 dimensions: composition, allocation, analysis, and optimization. For details, see Cost.