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API Gateway

API Gateway (APIG) is your fully managed API hosting service. Build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale to integrate your internal systems, open your enterprise capabilities to partners, and monetize your services at minimal cost and risk.
Create and manage APIs for free, while paying only for received calls and outbound data.

Progressive Knowledge

APIG knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


With APIG, you can integrate your internal systems and selectively expose and monetize your service capabilities with minimal cost and risk.

Service Overview


Selectively expose capabilities to partners by using standard APIs and share services and data with them to build a new ecosystem.

Service Exposure


Call the same API in different scenarios (mobile devices and IoT) using Java, Go, Python, or C SDKs, without making changes to the backend.

API Authentication

Backend Service Signatures

API Import and Export


Learn more about common issues and solutions.