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Introduction to OCR SDK

Updated at: Mar 31, 2020 GMT+08:00

OCR Overview

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can convert characters in images or scanned copies into editable text, eliminating the need for manual input to improve service efficiency. It can recognize characters on ID cards, driving licenses, vehicle licenses, receipts, English customs forms, and general tables, as well as general text.

OCR provides services through open application programming interfaces (APIs). You can obtain the inference result by accessing and invoking APIs in real time, greatly improving business efficiency.

SDK Overview

Optical Character Recognition Software Development Kit (OCR SDK for short) encapsulates the RESTful APIs provided by OCR to simplify application development. You can directly call API functions provided by OCR SDKs to use OCR.

Mappings Between Services and APIs

Table 1 lists the mappings between the OCR sub-services and APIs.

Table 1 Mappings between services and APIs



Passport OCR

POST /v1.0/ocr/passport

Thai ID Card OCR

POST /v1.0/thailand-id-card

Myanmar ID Card OCR

POST /v1.0/myanmar-id-card

Myanmar Driver License OCR

POST /v1.0/ocr/myanmar-driver-license

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