Updated on 2024-01-31 GMT+08:00


This document takes the example of creating and connecting to a RabbitMQ instance with SSL disabled to get you quickly started with Distributed Message Service (DMS) for RabbitMQ.

You can also create a RabbitMQ instance by calling APIs.


Figure 1 Procedure for using DMS for RabbitMQ
  1. Prepare the environment.

    A RabbitMQ instance runs in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Before creating a RabbitMQ instance, ensure that a VPC is available.

  2. Create a RabbitMQ instance.

    You can select the specifications and quantity when creating a RocketMQ instance.

  3. Connect to the instance.

    A client connects to the instance with SSL disabled using the demo provided by RabbitMQ.

  4. Configure alarm rules.

    Configure alarm rules for a RabbitMQ instance to monitor the service running status.

For details about RabbitMQ concepts, see Basic Concepts.