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Updated on 2023-06-02 GMT+08:00

Restoring from a Cloud Disk Backup

You can use a disk backup to restore the disk to its state when the backup was created.


  • The disk to be restored is Available.
  • Before restoring the disk data, stop the server to which the disk is attached and detach the disk from the server. After the disk data is restored, attach the disk to the server and start the server.


  • If the server OS is changed after the system disk is backed up, the system disk backup cannot be restored to the original system disk due to reasons such as disk UUID change. You can use the system disk backup to create a new disk and import data to the original system disk.
  • Backups can only be restored to original disks. If you want to restore a backup to a different disk, use the backup to create a new disk.
  • To restore a data disk backup to the system disk, see How Do I Restore a Data Disk Backup to a System Disk?
  • Concurrent data restoration is not supported.


  1. Log in to CBR Console.

    1. Log in to the management console.
    2. Click in the upper left corner and select your region and project.
    3. Click and choose Storage > Cloud Backup and Recovery. Select a backup type from the left navigation pane.

  2. Click the Backups tab. Locate the desired backup. For details, see Viewing a Backup.
  3. In the row of the backup, click Restore Disk. The Restore Disk page is displayed. See Figure 2.

    Figure 1 Locating the target backup

    • The backup data will overwrite the current disk data, and the restoration cannot be undone.
    • If the restore button is grayed out, stop the server, detach the disk, and then try again. After the disk data is restored, attach the disk to the server and start the server.
    Figure 2 Restore Disk

  4. Click Yes. You can check whether data is successfully restored on the Backups tab page of Disk Backups or on the EVS console.

    When the status of the backup changes to Available, the restoration is successful. The resource is restored to the state when that backup was created.

  5. After the restoration is complete, re-attach the disk to the server. For details, see Attaching an Existing Non-Shared Disk.