Updated on 2024-05-14 GMT+08:00

Connecting to a DB Instance

GaussDB instances can be connected using gsql, DBeaver, Navicat, or Data Admin Service (DAS).

Table 1 GaussDB instance connection modes

Connect Through

IP Address




Not required

DAS enables you to manage databases on a web-based console. It supports SQL execution, advanced database management, and intelligent O&M, simplifying database management and improving both efficiency and data security. The permissions required for connecting to a GaussDB instance through DAS are enabled by default.

Easy to use, secure, advanced, and intelligent


Private IP address/EIP

gsql is a client tool provided by GaussDB. You can use gsql to connect to the database and then enter, edit, and execute SQL statements in an interactive manner.

To achieve a higher data transmission rate and security level, migrate your applications to a server that is in the same subnet as your GaussDB instance and use a private IP address to access the instance.



DBeaver is a GUI-based database management tool. You can use this tool to view database schemas, execute SQL queries and scripts, browse and export data, process BLOB/CLOB data, and modify database schemas.

Open-source and easy-to-use



Navicat is a database management tool. You can easily view and edit data on its graphical interface. For example, you can insert, delete, update, and query data, process SQL statements or scripts, use functions, and generate data.

Stable and easy to use

Figure 1 shows how a gsql connection works.

Figure 1 Connecting to a DB instance using gsql