Updated on 2024-07-19 GMT+08:00


The VOD console provides functions such as audio and video upload and management, video processing, and audio and video hosting. In addition, you can view real-time monitoring information such as usage of VOD resources and popular media on the console.


Log in to the VOD console. The Dashboard page is displayed by default. You can view resource usage on this page. You can also click Getting Started in the upper right corner to quickly get started with VOD.

  • Resource Usage displays the VOD resource usage in the current month.
    Table 1 Resource usage



    Total traffic used this month

    Total VOD acceleration traffic generated in the current month

    Peak bandwidth for yesterday

    Peak bandwidth generated when distribution acceleration was used for VOD on the previous day

    Transcoding duration this month

    Duration of LD outputs. 4K, 2K, HD, and SD consume 12x, 6x, 3x, and 1.5x as many minutes, respectively.

    Used storage space

    Storage space occupied by all media files, including input audio and video files, images, subtitles, and output media files

  • Usage trend displays resource usage over the past week or one month, including storage usage, transcoding duration usage, traffic usage, and bandwidth usage.
  • Billing Mode displays the CDN billing mode of VOD. You can click Change to change the CDN billing mode and click Buy VOD Package to buy a resource package.

Function List

You can configure or use the functions in the navigation pane of the VOD console.

Table 2 Console function overview



Audio and Video Management

Manage uploaded audio and video files, including transcoding, pre-loading, categorizing, extracting audio, exporting media information, deleting media, viewing media information, and obtaining media playback URLs.
  • Supported video formats for transcoding: MP4, TS, MOV, MXF, MPG, FLV, WMV, AVI, M4V, F4V, MPEG, 3GP, ASF, and MKV
  • Supported audio formats for transcoding: HLS, MP4, DASH, MP3, and ADTS

Video Processing

Take snapshots of video files and handle workflows.

Review Management

Automatically or manually review audios, images, and files, and block non-compliant audios and videos.


This function is not available in the AP-Bangkok region.

Audio and Video Uploads

Upload audio and video files locally or pull the files offline from a URL.

Data Analysis

You can view data such as the traffic, bandwidth, and traffic hit ratio on the CDN side. You can also query the number of playback times and ranking (by playback times) of media files by domain name.


View resource usage and CDN hotspot statistics.

Global Settings

Configure a transcoding template, watermark template, HLS encryption, categories, event notifications, and workflows.

Domain Name Management

Add and manage your own domain names, and configure HTTPS and hotlink protection for domain names.

Audio and Video Hosting

Authorize VOD to manage audio and video files stored in OBS buckets.