Updated on 2023-01-10 GMT+08:00

Preparing Data

The functions of Image Recognition vary depending on the region. There are restrictions on the data format and the number of concurrent calls. Before using the service, you need to prepare the data to be reviewed by referring to the restrictions.

For details about the restrictions on using service functions, see Constraints.

For example, Image Tagging has the following restrictions on the input data:

  • The service is available in the CN-Hong Kong and LA-Santiago regions.
  • Only images in PNG, JPEG, BMP, or WEBP format can be recognized.
  • Each edge of the image must contain 15 to 4,096 pixels.
  • The size of the Base64 encoded image cannot exceed 10 MB (the size of the original image cannot exceed 7.5 MB).
  • By default, a maximum of 10 APIs can be called simultaneously. To increase this number, submit a service ticket.