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Updated on 2023-01-10 GMT+08:00

Process of Using Image Recognition

Image Recognition is a technology that uses computers to analyze and understand images to identify objects in different modes. You can obtain the inference results by accessing and calling APIs in real time. Image Recognition collects key data automatically and helps you build an intelligent business system that improves efficiency.

The following figure shows the procedure for using Image Recognition.

Figure 1 Procedure for using Image Recognition
Table 1 Procedure for using Image Recognition


Sub Task



Subscribing to the service

Registering an account with Huawei Cloud

Before using Image Recognition, you need to register a Huawei Cloud account.

Registering a Huawei Cloud Account

Subscribing to the service by following the procedure

You need to subscribe to the service according to the procedure.

Subscribing to the Image Recognition Service

Preparing data

Data requirements

There are restrictions on the data format and the number of concurrent calls. Before using the service, you need to prepare the images to be recognized by referring to the restrictions.

Preparing Data

Calling APIs or SDKs

Local calls

Use the image SDK for local development. You can directly call functions to use SDKs.

Calling APIs or SDKs Locally

Viewing the number of calls

Viewing call result statistics

You can view the service use details and the number of API calls on the management console.

Viewing the Number of Calls