Updated on 2023-03-16 GMT+08:00

Record Set Overview

A record set is a collection of resource records that belong to the same domain name. A record set defines DNS record types and values.

Table 1 Record set management




Adding Record Sets

View record set types supported by the DNS service and their configuration rules. Add record sets to a domain name.

For details, see Table 1.

  • After a zone is created for a domain name, the system automatically creates the SOA and NS record sets.
  • A maximum of 500 record sets can be added in an account.

Managing Record Sets

Modify, delete, and view record sets.

  • After a record set is added, its resolution line cannot be modified.
  • You can modify the TTL, value, and description of the NS record set automatically generated by the system.
  • You cannot modify the value of the SOA record set automatically generated by the system.
  • You cannot delete or disable SOA and NS record sets automatically generated by the system.

Configuring a Wildcard DNS Record Set

Add a record set that matches all subdomains.

Wildcard DNS resolution does not support NS and SOA record sets.

Searching for Record Sets

Search for, modify, disable, and delete record sets on the Dashboard > Record Set page.


Importing Record Sets

Batch import record sets.

  • Record sets are listed in .xlsx files, and each file cannot exceed 2 MB.
  • A maximum of 500 record sets can be imported at a time.

Exporting Record Sets

Batch export record sets.


Migrating to Huawei Cloud DNS for Domain Name Resolution

Migrate an in-use domain name to Huawei Cloud.

  • Before the migration, obtain all record sets from your current DNS service provider.
  • After the migration, change the DNS servers of the domain name to those provided by Huawei Cloud DNS in the domain name registrar's system.

Figure 1 shows the process for configuring a record set on the DNS console.

Figure 1 Process for configuring a record set

Either a public or private zone can be created. For details, see the following: