Updated on 2022-12-02 GMT+08:00

Importing Record Sets


If you want to transfer your domain names from another cloud provider to the DNS service for management, you can import existing record sets in batches. Both public and private zones support the record import function.

You can import a maximum of 500 record sets at a time.

Before importing record sets, you have created public or private zones on the DNS console. For details, see Creating a Public Zone or Creating a Private Zone.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Hover the cursor over in the upper left corner. In the service list, choose Networking > Domain Name Service.

    The DNS console is displayed.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Public Zones or Private Zones.

    The zone list is displayed.

  1. (Optional) If you have selected Private Zones, click on the upper left corner to select the region and project.
  2. In the zone list, click the zone name example.com.
  3. Choose Export and Import.
    1. Click Download template.
    2. Enter your record sets in the template as required.

      Ensure that the content is imported based on the format of the template. Otherwise, the import will fail.

  4. Click Import Record Set and select the record set file to import.
    After the import is complete, you can check whether record sets are successfully imported or not.
    • Succeeded Import: The number of successfully imported record sets are displayed.
    • Failed Import: All failed record sets are listed. You can resolve the problems based on the failure causes.