Updated on 2024-03-15 GMT+08:00

Applying for Upgrading Partner Tier

Partners are classified into four tiers: standard, advanced, premier, and core. Different requirements are set for each partner tier. Partners can request to upgrade to a higher tier when they meet the requirements.

A cloud solution provider can request upgrading its partner tier only when one of its accounts has joined Software Partner Development Path, Service Partner Development Path, or System Integrator Development Path and completed the role validation.


  1. Use your partner account to log in to Huawei Cloud.
  2. Click Partner Center in the drop-down list of your account name in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose Partner Programs > Huawei Cloud Partner Programs > Partner Programs Enrolled in the menu on the top.
  4. Apply to upgrade the partner tier.

    • Click Upgrade.

    • If the tier upgrade is not allowed, click View Reason. Register a new account and then apply to join a development path. Apply to upgrade your partner tier when you enter the role validation stage.

  5. Select a partner tier and specify the required information.

    To upgrade to the core tier, a partner should request its ecosystem manager to apply for the upgrade on their behalf. After the application is approved, the ecosystem manager and the partner will receive an email notification.

  6. Click Submit.

    After the application is submitted, you can view the approval progress on the Partner Programs > Huawei Cloud Partner Programs > Partner Programs Requested > Partner Level page.