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Connecting to a DB Instance

Updated at: May 13, 2021 GMT+08:00

An RDS DB instance can be connected through a private network, the Data Admin Service (DAS) service, or a public network.

Table 1 RDS connection methods

Connect Through

IP Address




No IP address is required. You can log in to the DAS console and use RDS directly.

Data Admin Service (DAS) enables you to manage databases on a web-based console and supports SQL execution, advanced database management, and intelligent O&M, simplifying database management and improving working efficiency and data security. The permissions required for connecting to DB instances through DAS are enabled by default.

  • Easy to use, secure, advanced, and intelligent
  • Recommended

Private network

Floating IP

RDS provides a floating IP address by default.

When your applications are deployed on an ECS that is in the same region and VPC as RDS, you are advised to use a floating IP address to connect to the RDS DB instance through the ECS.

  • Secure and excellent performance
  • Recommended

Public network


If you cannot access an RDS DB instance through a floating IP address, bind an EIP to the DB instance and connect the DB instance to the ECS through the EIP.

  • A relatively lower level of security compared to other connection methods
  • To achieve a higher transmission rate and security level, you are advised to migrate your applications to an ECS that is in the same VPC as your RDS DB instance and use a floating IP address to access the DB instance.
  • You need to purchase an EIP. For details, see EIP billing details.
  • VPC: indicates the Virtual Private Cloud.
  • ECS: indicates the Elastic Cloud Server.
  • You can log in to DB instances using the Data Admin Service (DAS) service or other database clients.
  • If the ECS is in the same VPC as your RDS DB instance, you do not need to apply for an EIP.

Figure 1 illustrates the connection over a private network or a public network.

Figure 1 DB instance connection

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