Updated on 2023-11-03 GMT+08:00


This document takes the example of creating and connecting to a RocketMQ instance with SSL enabled to get you quickly started with Distributed Message Service (DMS) for RocketMQ.


Figure 1 Procedure for using DMS for RocketMQ
  1. Prepare the environment.

    A RocketMQ instance runs in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Before creating an instance, ensure that a VPC is available.

  2. Create a RocketMQ instance.

    You can select the specification and quantity and enable SSL when creating a RocketMQ instance. Enabling SSL secures data transmission with encryption.

  3. Create a topic.

    After an instance is created, create a topic for sending and receiving messages.

  4. Connect to the instance.

    On the client, connect to the instance and use commands to create and retrieve messages.

  5. Configure alarm rules.

    Configure alarm rules for the RocketMQ instance to monitor the service running status.

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