Updated on 2022-09-13 GMT+08:00

Quick Start

DNS provides functions for different network scenarios.


Select a type of function based on Table 1.

Table 1 DNS functions




Public domain name resolution

Map domain names to IP addresses of web servers or web applications on the Internet.

Routing Internet Traffic to a Website

Private domain name resolution

Map private domain names to private IP addresses within VPCs.

Routing Traffic Within VPCs

Reverse resolution

Map IP addresses to public domain names. PTR records are mainly used to build email servers.

Translating an IP Address to a Domain Name

Registering with Huawei Cloud

You must have a Huawei Cloud account to access the DNS console. If you do not have an account, register one with Huawei Cloud.

  1. Visit the Huawei Cloud official website.
  2. Click Register.

    The registration page is displayed. Enter the required information. After the registration, the system automatically redirects you to the account information page.

After registration, your account will have permissions to access the DNS service, as well as all other Huawei Cloud services.