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How Do I Get and Use Cash Coupons?

Updated at: Jul 28, 2021 GMT+08:00

After getting a cash coupon, you can use it to pay for a cloud service as required.

Important Notes

  • Cash coupons must be used within limits. You can go to the Coupons page in the Billing Center to view the usage limits of a cash coupon. For details about what these usage limits mean, see Cash Coupon Usage Limits.
  • You cannot withdraw money from, transfer, or request invoices for cash coupons.
  • You cannot use cash coupons to clear existing arrears.
  • If both discounts and cash coupons are applicable, discounts are used first.
  • Cash coupons will not be refunded in case of resource unsubscriptions or specification downgrades.

    However, if you unsubscribe from resources that failed to be provisioned or from a renewal period that has not taken effect, cash coupons are refunded.

Getting Cash Coupons

Cash coupons can be obtained in either of the following ways:

  • Online: Cash coupons obtained from the HUAWEI CLOUD official website, including those automatically issued to you by HUAWEI CLOUD and those you collect. When coupons are issued on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website, eligible customers can go to the promotional event page and obtain available coupons. Cash coupons obtained online can be used directly without being activated.
  • Offline: Cash coupons (with a 16-digit activation code) obtained from the account manager or via other channels. You need to go to the Coupons and Discounts > Cash Coupons page of the Billing Center to activate these coupons before using them. For details about how to activate cash coupons, see Activating Cash Coupons.

Using Cash Coupons

  • Purchasing prepaid products (such as yearly/monthly/one-off products and the prepaid part of reserved instance products):

    Select a cash coupon on the order payment page. (Only one cash coupon can be used.)

    The system automatically presents all applicable cash coupons. If no cash coupons are presented on the order payment page, no cash coupons under your account can be used.

  • Purchasing postpaid products (such as pay-per-use products and the postpaid part of reserved instance products):
    • For postpayment customers whose bills are settled monthly, coupons are automatically used when the bill of a month is generated on the third day of the following month.

      If there are applicable valid cash coupons available for the month when a postpaid product is used, those coupons will be automatically applied to pay for the bill, and multiple cash coupons can be used in a single transaction.

    • For prepayment customers, cash coupons are automatically used in nearly real time.

      If there are applicable valid cash coupons available for a pay-per-use product in use, those coupons will be automatically applied to pay for the bill.

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