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Anti-DDoS Service

Huawei Cloud Anti-DDoS Service (AAD) provides three subservices: Cloud Native Anti-DDoS Basic (or Anti-DDoS), Cloud Native Anti-DDoS (CNAD) Advanced, and Advanced Anti-DDoS.

Progressive Knowledge

AAD knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Huawei Cloud provides multiple security solutions to defend against DDoS attacks. You can select an appropriate one based on your service requirements. 

Service Overview


After purchasing an AAD, you can connect your services to the AAD to enable protection and configure appropriate protection policies based on your service scenarios.



Advanced Anti-DDoS


If the default domain quantity and bandwidth cannot meet your requirements, you can purchase a domain extension package and bandwidth expansion package

Service Specification

Purchase fee

Be a Power User

In addition, you can view interception reports in real time and analyze protection logs to adjust protection policies in a timely manner to better protect your services.

Common Operations

Configuring a Policy

View Report