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Updated on 2023-03-01 GMT+08:00

Creating a Scrum Project


Scrum is a typical agile development method. Under the Scrum framework, the entire development process is divided into several short sprints, each of which usually lasts for 1 to 4 weeks.

  • Product backlog is used to manage requirements, which are written as stories and sorted by business value.
  • Requirements top on the backlog are scheduled in a sprint by a Scrum team.

    The Scrum team discusses, analyzes, and assesses requirements and develops a corresponding task list called sprint backlog in a sprint planning meeting.

  • At the end of each sprint, the Scrum team outputs deliverable product increments.
  • Scrum work items are organized in the descending hierarchy: epics > features> stories > tasks or bugs.

This section describes how to create a Scrum project.


You have permission to create projects.

If the Create Project button is not displayed in the upper right of the DevCloud homepage, contact the administrator to grant you the project creator permission.


  1. On the DevCloud homepage, click Create Project.

    Then select Scrum as the project type.

  2. Set the project parameters and click OK.

    Table 1 describes the parameters for creating a Scrum project.

    Table 1 Parameter description



    Project Template

    Template type of a DevCloud project. Use the default template or choose a custom one. For customizing templates, see Customizing a Template.

    Project Name

    Set this parameter as required.


    Enter a brief description of the project.


After creating a project, add desired members to it by referring to Member Management.