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Updated on 2023-04-25 GMT+08:00

Managing a Scrum Project

The following topics describe how to manage a Scrum project:

Navigation Path

Projects are displayed on the CodeArts homepage. Click Followed Projects, All Projects, or Archived. You can also search for projects on which you have permissions on the All Projects page.

If no project is available, click Create Project to create one. For details, see Creating a Scrum Project.

Planning Requirements Using Mind Maps

A mind map is a powerful tool used to organize different levels of work items in a descending hierarchy: epics > features > stories > tasks. For details about each work item, see Work Items.

You can rearrange work items between levels or at the same level by drag-and-drop for quick adjustment. To view the planning result, see Adjusting a Mind Map.

Viewing a Project

  • Click the name of the project. The project details page is displayed, where you can find menu items including Work, Code, CICD, CloudArtifact, Testing, Documentation, and Settings.
  • Click desired items on the menu bar to view details about the corresponding service in the project.

Editing Basic Information

Search for the target project on the CodeArts homepage. Hover over the project card and click . On the displayed Basic Information page, you can modify the project information, including the name, code, description, and creator of the project.

Only project administrators can edit projects. For details about how to set permissions, see Setting Permissions.

Transferring a Project

On the CodeArts homepage, search for the target project and click next to it. On the Basic Information page that is displayed, change the creator and click Save.

Only project creator and administrator can edit the Creator to transfer a project. After the transfer, the original project creator becomes a project manager.

Archiving or Unarchiving a Project

CodeArts provides the project archiving function. Archived projects are read-only to all members and cannot be added, deleted, or modified.

Only project creators, project managers, test managers, and those assigned archiving permissions can archive or unarchive projects.

Project administrators can archive a project at different phases.

  1. Go to the project details page.
  2. Choose Settings > General Settings > Basic Information.
  3. Click Archive.

    • After the project is archived, the Archive button changes to Unarchive.
    • You can unarchive a project by clicking Unarchive.

Deleting a Project

On the project details page, choose Settings > General Settings > Basic Information. Click Delete Project, enter the project name, and click Delete.

  • Only members with tenant permissions or project creators can delete projects.
  • Exercise caution when deleting a project. Deleting a project will delete all resources in the project, including code repositories and build tasks. Deleted data cannot be recovered.