Updated on 2022-06-30 GMT+08:00


You can set rules for devices connected to the platform. If the conditions set in a rule are met, the platform triggers the corresponding action. Device linkage and data forwarding rules are available.

  • Device linkage

    When specific conditions are met, the platform triggers collaborative response of multiple devices to implement device linkage and intelligent control. For example, if Send notifications is selected for Action in a rule, the platform works with Huawei Cloud Simple Message Notification (SMN) to set and deliver topic notifications.

  • Data forwarding

    Data forwarding is seamlessly interconnected with other Huawei Cloud services to implement full-stack services for device data storage, computing, and analysis.

Cloud Service Access Authorization

The platform can connect to Huawei Cloud services. When creating a rule for connecting to Data Ingestion Service (DIS), Distributed Message Service (DMS) for Kafka, Object Storage Service (OBS), ROMA Connect, or SMN for the first time, you must authorize the platform to access the cloud service.

After the authorization, data on the platform can be forwarded to other Huawei Cloud services using data forwarding rules, or the platform can send commands to control devices using device linkage rules.

An agency named iotda_admin_trust is created on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) console and an administrator role is bound by default.