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Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00

Viewing Check Details

Check details include overview, code defects, check logs, and task configurations.


The check task is complete and you have related permissions.

Viewing Check Details

  1. Search for the target task on the Task tab of the CodeCheck homepage.

  2. Click the task name link to view the check details.

    1. Overview: For details, see Viewing the Task Overview.
    2. Issues: You can view and fix each code issue. For details, see Viewing Code Issues.
    3. Logs: You can view check logs, including the execution history, step logs, and check parameters. For details, see Viewing Check Logs.
    4. Settings: For details, see Overview.

Viewing the Task Overview

After a check task is complete, the check result is displayed in charts.

On the check details page, the Overview tab page is displayed by default. You can view the task overview information.