Updated on 2022-09-29 GMT+08:00


Before creating a CodeCheck task, make the following preparations:

Creating a Project

Create a Scrum project in ProjectMan. For details, see Creating a Project.

Creating a Code Repository

Finish Creating a Code Repository in CodeHub.

Creating a Service Endpoint

On the project details page, choose Settings > General Settings > Service Endpoints. The Service Endpoint page is displayed. Create a service endpoint. For details, see Service Endpoint.

CodeCheck Entry

You can access CodeCheck from a project or the homepage.

  • From a project
    1. On the DevCloud homepage, click a target project name. The project details page is displayed.
    2. Choose Code > CodeCheck. The CodeCheck page is displayed.

  • From the homepage

    On the DevCloud homepage, choose Services > CodeCheck. The CodeCheck homepage is displayed.