Updated on 2024-03-13 GMT+08:00

Freezing Customer Accounts and Resources

In reseller model, customer accounts will be frozen by default when associated with a partner. If a partner need to freeze customers' resources, they should unfreeze customer accounts first and then freeze account and resources in Customer Management page.

Partners can freeze or unfreeze reseller customer accounts in Customer Management page.

Impacts of Account Freezing

  • Impacts of Freezing Accounts

    If customer's account is frozen, the customer cannot buy, renew, or change resources, and provisioned resources may be unavailable, but still incur fees.

    The following table describes the impacts on a reseller customer after its account is frozen.

    Operation Type

    Supported Operations

    Operations Not Supported

    Operations on yearly/monthly cloud services

    • Unsubscribing from resources
    • Modifying resource names
    • Purchasing resources
    • Modifying specifications
    • Renewing subscription to resources
    • Changing yearly/monthly resources to pay-per-use resources
    • Operations on resources
    • Deleting resources

    Operations on pay-per-use cloud services (operations on pay-per-use instances and spot instances)

    • Modifying resource names
    • Viewing resource information
    • Purchasing resources
    • Modifying specifications
    • Changing pay-per-use resources to yearly/monthly resources
    • Operations on resources
    • Deleting resources
  • Impacts of Freezing Accounts and Resources

    In addition to the account freezing, resources are also frozen and enter the retention period. During the retention period, customers cannot access or use the frozen cloud service resources. Cloud service resources and data stored will be retained, and the frozen resources will not incur fees.


  1. Use your account to log in to HUAWEI CLOUD.
  2. In the drop-down list of your account name, click Partner Center to go to the Partner Center.
  3. Select Sales > Customer Business > Customer Management on the top navigation bar.
  4. Click Freeze Account in the Operation column in the row of the target customer.
  5. Select the scope.

    • Freeze the account only.

    • Freeze both account and resources.

    For Huawei Cloud Partner Service Provider, to freeze a customer account, choose Customer Business > Customer Management, and click Customers or Resellers' Customers as needed. Then, locate your required account and click Freeze Account in the Operation column.

  6. Enter the reason.
  7. Click OK.

    A message is displayed indicating that the account is frozen.

    • If partners have enabled the verification code function, a verification code is required.
    • To unfreeze a customer account, click Unfreeze Account in the Operation column.