Updated on 2023-11-14 GMT+08:00


On the Billing pages, you can view the bill summary and details, export different types of bills, check historical payment records, and view usage details of some cloud services.

  • Bills provides six cards to show your bill in the selected billing cycle.
    • Bill: including the start and end dates of the selected billing cycle, bill status (billed or not), due date, and total actual expenditures (excluding the coupons used).
    • Payment Summary: mapping between invoices and actual payments (excluding payments using coupons). The total amount due is the sum of the remaining amount due and amount paid.
    • Discounts: discount type and amount.
    • Cash Coupons Used: amount paid using coupons and displayed by service type.
    • Direct refund: refunds due to unsubscriptions, specification downgrade, and account adjustment.
    • Transactions: expenditures displayed by account and product type. To view data in more dimensions, you can go to the Cost Center.
  • Bill Details provides detailed bills in different dimensions and periods. You can view resource usage.
  • Exporting Bills: you can export summary bills, transactions, and detailed bills.
  • Payment History: payments made by your cash accounts and credit cards during a specified period.
  • Usage Details: provides only the usage details of the 95th percentile bandwidth, 95th percentile bandwidth (enhanced), 95th percentile bandwidth (guaranteed), and daily peak bandwidth for CDN, VPC, CC, EIP, and OBS services.
  • Data Storage: used to subscribe to bills. After the subscription is successful, you can download the resource details and their expenditures.