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Overall Process

Updated at:Oct 10, 2020 GMT+08:00

An enterprise account can perform real-name authentication again to change the enterprise entity or name. The process is as follows:

  • Before a real-name authentication change takes effect (is approved), the original real-name authentication information is still valid.
  • If the new request is approved, resources purchased from the time the new request was submitted and the corresponding outstanding amount, will be associated with the new entity. If the new request is rejected, the purchased resources and the outstanding amount will continue to be associated with the original entity.
  • The re-authentication of an enterprise master account or member account has the following restrictions:
    • If the master account has invited another account for association but the invitation has not been accepted, both of the accounts cannot perform re-authentication.
    • If the master and member accounts have completed real-name authentication using the same enterprise name, the member account cannot perform re-authentication separately. Instead, its information is synchronized with the master account's information after the master account completes re-authentication.

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