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VPC and Other Services

Figure 1 shows the relationship between VPC and other services.
Figure 1 VPC and other services
Table 1 Related services

Interactive Function



Secure networks for ECSs.

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Adding a Security Group Rule

Connect ECSs in a VPC to the Internet.

Elastic IP (EIP)

Connecting ECSs in a VPC to the Internet Using EIPs

NAT Gateway

Using SNAT to Access the Internet

Connect a VPC to a local data center.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network

Direct Connect

Direct Connect

Distribute incoming traffic to multiple ECSs in a VPC.

Elastic Load Balance (ELB)

Elastic Load Balance

Assign different permissions to employees in your enterprise to access your VPC resources.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management

Check the bandwidth and traffic usage.

Cloud Eye

Viewing Metrics

Record VPC-related operations for later query, audit, and backtracking.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

Viewing Audit Logs

Tags identify VPC resources for purposes of easy categorization and quick search.

Tag Management Service (TMS)

Managing EIP Tags