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HUAWEI CLOUD SparkRTC provides functions such as video calls and interactive co-hosting, as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Functions




Video call

One-to-one or multi-party audio call with 720p or higher HD quality. Up to 2000 users can join a room and up to 500 users can interact with each other at the same time.

One-to-one video call, video conferencing, online diagnosis, multi-participant video chat, video customer service, video and audio recording, and online claim settlement

Audio call

One-to-one or multi-participant audio call. Up to 2000 users can join a room and up to 500 users can speak at the same time.

One-to-one audio call, multi-participant audio call, audio chat, audio conferencing, and voice customer service

Interactive video livestreaming

Co-hosting and cross-room streamer competition are supported.

Ultra-low latency livestreaming, super large class, streamer competition, remote training, and large-scale conferencing

Interactive audio livestreaming

Co-hosting and cross-room streamer competition are supported.

Low latency livestreaming, co-hosting, karaoke, and FM broadcasting

High-quality audio

48 kHz sampling rate

Audio call, video call, interactive livestreaming, high-quality FM, music teaching, karaoke room, and online class

High-quality image

720p and 1080p HD video

Video call, interactive livestreaming, and online class

Role switch

Users can switch their roles in a room quickly and smoothly.

Interactive livestreaming and online class

Joining multiple rooms

A streamer can join multiple rooms for competition.

Live show, co-hosting competition, and super large class

Screen sharing

Desktop, window, and rectangular area sharing

Interactive class, video conferencing, and remote assistance

3A processing

The industry-leading 3A algorithms, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic noise suppression (ANS), and automatic gain control (AGC), provide crystal clear audio quality.

All audio scenarios

Volume callback

SparkRTC provides volume values, which can be displayed as an animated sound wave or prompt.

Audio call, video call, voice chat room, FM radio, karaoke room, and voice detection

Cross-room co-hosting

Streamers can interact with each other across rooms. Viewers can smoothly switch their roles to hosts to speak.

Co-teaching and streamer competition

Interactive co-hosting

Viewers can smoothly switch their roles to hosts to speak.

Small class and interactive livestreaming

Cloud recording

Single and mixed streams are recorded and recordings are stored in OBS or hosted in VOD.

Storage, recording review, and video and audio recording

Audio mixing

Local or online audio files can be mixed with a user's voice in a room. The mixed audio can be sent to other users in the room.

Online education, chat room, and online chorus

Livestreaming via CDN

Audio and video streams in a room are mixed and transcoded to RTMP video streams, which are pushed to Live via Content Delivery Network (CDN) for livestreaming.

Interactive livestreaming and large-scale conferencing

Network detection

The network detection API is used to determine or predict whether the network condition of a user is good.


Custom video data

Custom video sources and renderers are supported. Non-camera video sources, such as video files, external devices, and third-party custom data sources, can be used.

Beauty customization, data source customization, multi-device management, video recognition, and image processing

Custom audio data

Developers can collect audio callback data, process raw data, and perform custom operations, such as connecting to non-standard devices and audio files.

Non-standard device access, custom audio effect, voice processing, and voice recognition

Platform compatibility

Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, web, and Electron platforms are supported. For details about the system requirements, see Constraints.