Updated on 2022-10-08 GMT+08:00


Online Education

SparkRTC is applicable to online learning and interaction between teachers and students. It provides SDKs with HD, low-latency, and high-concurrency livestreaming, which can be quickly deployed on online education video platforms.

Entertainment and Social Interactions

SparkRTC is an ideal option in livestreaming scenarios of Internet celebrities, enterprises, entertainment, and gaming. It provides powerful real-time media processing capabilities and builds an end-to-end audio and video interaction solution for customers and partners.

Livestreaming E-commerce

SparkRTC is useful for improving the interaction experience and e-commerce customer conversion rate.

Video Conferencing

SparkRTC is perfect for low-latency video conferencing. It provides stable, smooth, and economical HD video conferencing, which features super packet loss concealment (PLC) and low latency.