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Updated on 2022-10-08 GMT+08:00

What Is SparkRTC?

SparkRTC, built on Huawei's long-established video technologies and expertise, delivers a high-concurrency and high-definition (HD) experience in real time. It offers dependable security at low latency and is an ideal option for a broad array of real-time communication (RTC) scenarios, such as online education, cloud conferencing, and social entertainment.

  • SparkRTC client SDKs for web are provided for you to quickly integrate and develop functions such as audio and video calls and interactive livestreaming.
  • SparkRTC server receives co-hosting requests, instructs hosts to join the room with real-time audio and video streams, and combines and records the streams published by streamers.

Accessing SparkRTC

You can access SparkRTC from the web-based management console and by calling application programming interfaces (APIs) based on HTTPS.

  • Using the management console

    Log in to the management console to access SparkRTC.

    • If you have registered an account, log in to the management console and choose Media Services > SparkRTC from the service list.
    • If you have not registered an account, register one.
  • Calling APIs

    Call APIs to integrate SparkRTC into a third-party system for secondary development. For details, see the Server API Reference.