Updated on 2023-11-10 GMT+08:00

Use Cases

Internet Enterprises

  • Frequent market changes demand quick responses from Internet enterprises.
  • CodeArts Req upholds the agile development methodologies and facilitates continuous delivery for Internet enterprises. They can implement iterative software development and quickly and continuously release services to meet changing user needs.
  • Internet enterprises can either use ProjectMan independently or adopt the entire DevOps platform. The latter allows them to manage the entire application development lifecycle from requirement planning to service release, improving end-to-end development efficiency.


  • It is always a challenge for independent software vendors (ISVs) to ensure efficient team collaboration when developers are located in different offices and using different development tools and environments. ISVs also need to tackle rapidly changing customer requirements and frequent reworks with faster responses.
  • CodeArts Req enables simple but efficient collaboration and offers cloud-based file hosting where documents can be centrally managed, so ISVs can enhance team collaboration, sharing, and consistency management.

Traditional Software Enterprises

  • For traditional software enterprises who are transforming toward an Internet Plus model, insufficient knowledge of the Internet industry and gaps between the new and existing management and delivery modes often result in a drop in software development throughput on the initial stage.
  • CodeArts Req offers requirement and bug management and tracking, and agile sprint management. It assists traditional software enterprises in mastering the principles and practice of agile, iterative delivery.

    Powerful customization is also available. Traditional software enterprises can tailor workflows for the transition phase to ensure smooth transformation.

Software Outsourcing Enterprises

  • Software outsourcing enterprises often cannot keep a real-time track of product roadmaps and project progress since they do not have a software development management platform that can provide insights into project data.

    Product quality can be verified only after delivery, and it is challenging for them to meet with ever-changing requirements and high quality standard of the contracting parties.

  • CodeArts Req's powerful data reporting and analysis allow software outsourcing enterprises to monitor the project progress, risks, and quality in real time.

    They can also practice the agile, iterative software development model for continuous delivery and user feedback collection, so that risks can be detected as soon as possible instead of in the final delivery.