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This section describes the billing modes, billing items, package pricing, expiration or arrears, renewal, and unsubscription of FlexusL.

Billing Modes

FlexusL instances only support the yearly/monthly billing mode. Yearly/Monthly is a prepaid mode. You need to pay first, and will be billed based on the required duration in your order. You will need to make sure you have a top-up account with a sufficient balance or have a valid payment method configured first.

A FlexusL instance is actually a package of resources. The package includes compute resources, network resources, images, EVS disks, backup vaults, and HSS. Resources included in the package cannot be unsubscribed separately.

A FlexusL instance comes with a monthly data package. The traffic usage in excess of the package will be billed on a pay-per-use basis. Pay-per-use is a postpaid billing mode. You pay as you go and just pay for what you use.

FlexusL Billing Items

Billing Item


Billing Mode



A FlexusL instance is actually a package of resources. The package includes compute resources, network resources, images, EVS disks, backup vaults, and HSS.

  • Only outbound traffic (originating from your server) will be billed.
  • The data package included in the FlexusL service package is a monthly package. A monthly data package starts on the date of purchase and ends at 23:59:59 on the same day of the next month. For example, if you purchase a FlexusL instance at 10:00:00 on June 5, the expiration time of the package is at 23:59:59 (the last second of the day) on July 5. The package for the next month starts from 23:59:59 on July 5 to 23:59:59 on August 5.


Monthly package price x Required duration

(Optional) Excess traffic

Service traffic is preferentially deducted from the data package. Any traffic usage in excess of the package is billed by traffic. The excess traffic is billed based on a tiered pricing model, and the unit price varies in different regions.


Unit price of traffic x Excess traffic volume

For details about the unit price of traffic, see EIP Pricing Details. The EIP type is dynamic BGP.

Intra-VPC communications

By default, FlexusL instances created by the same account in the same region are located in the same VPC. They can communicate over a private network for free.



The following provides some billing examples to help you understand the billing rules. The listed prices are for reference only. The actual pricing is subject to the console.

Table 1 Billing example




No excess traffic

Instance specification price (including a 4,096 GB/month data package): $41.78 USD/month

Data disk capacity: 20 GiB

Data disk unit price: $0.91 USD/10 GiB

Required duration: 2 months

Monthly instance price = Monthly instance specification price + Monthly data disk price = $41.78 USD/month + 20 GiB x $0.91 USD/10 GiB = $43.60 USD

Total price = Monthly instance price x Required duration = $43.60 USD x 2 = $87.20 USD

Excess traffic generated

10 GB traffic is generated in excess of the 1,024 GB/month monthly data package.

The traffic in excess of the package is priced at $0.114 USD/GB.

Excess traffic price = Unit price of excess traffic x Excess traffic volume = $0.114 USD/GB x 10 GB = $1.14 USD

Total price = $87.2 USD + $1.14 USD = $88.34 USD

Other Billing Items

Billing Item


Billing Mode


(Optional) SSL certificate

If you purchase an SSL certificate and use it for HTTPS encryption, you need to pay for the SSL certificate.

One-off payment

See Cloud Certificate Manager Service Pricing Details.

(Optional) Filing

Huawei Cloud provides you ICP filing for free.



(Optional) DNS server

Huawei Cloud provides DNS for free to help resolve your website domain names for FlexusL.



Specifications Upgrade

You can upgrade your FlexusL instance specifications on the console as your services grow, but you will need to pay the difference in price.

Specifications cannot be degraded.

For example, if you purchased a one-month yearly/monthly FlexusL instance (2 vCPUs, 2 GiB memory, and 60 GiB system disk) on April 8, 2023 and plan to upgrade the specifications to 2 vCPUs, 4 GiB memory, and 80 GiB system disk on April 18, 2023. The price for the original specification is $17.21 USD/month, and that for the new specification is $41.78 USD/month. The price difference will be calculated as follows:

Price difference for the specifications upgrade = Price for the new specifications × Remaining period – Price for the original specifications × Remaining period

The remaining period is the remaining days of each calendar month divided by the maximum number of days in each calendar month. In this example, Remaining period = 12 (Remaining days in April)/30 (Maximum number of days in April) + 8 (Remaining days in May)/31 (Maximum number of days in May) = 0.6581. Cost of specifications upgrade = $41.78 USD/month x 0.6581 – $17.21 USD/month x 0.6581 = $16.1695 USD

For more details, see Pricing of a Changed Specification.

Expiration and Arrears

  • The following describes the impacts if your FlexusL instances expire or if your account is in arrears.



    Grace period

    After a FlexusL instance expires or your account is in arrears, the instance enters a grace period. Within the grace period, you can still access and use the FlexusL instance.

    Retention period

    If you do not renew your FlexusL instance or pay off the arrears before the grace period expires, the instance enters a retention period. During this retention period, you cannot access or use FlexusL instance, but it is still retained.

    After a FlexusL instance enters a grace period or retention period, Huawei Cloud will notify you of this by email or text message. If you do not complete the renewal or payment before the retention period ends, your instance will be released. To avoid impacting your services, renew the instance in a timely manner.

  • Arrears

    FlexusL instances come with data packages. Any traffic usage in excess of the package is billed on a pay-per-use basis and settled periodically. If you do not have a valid payment method configured or your account balance is insufficient, your account will fall into arrears.


FlexusL instances cannot be used after they expire. If you want to continue using them, renew them before the retention period ends. Otherwise, your resources will be released and cannot be recovered.

FlexusL is provided as a package. Resources in the package are renewed together.


FlexusL is provided as a package. Resources in the same package are unsubscribed together.

Suppose you purchased a yearly/monthly FlexusL instance with a 40 GB backup vault. When you unsubscribe from the FlexusL instance, the 40 GB backup vault included in the package will be unsubscribed together with the instance. The backup vault cannot be unsubscribed separately.

For details, see Unsubscription Rules.