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Updated at: Mar 11, 2020 GMT+08:00

Database audit provides you with the database audit function in bypass pattern, enabling the system to generate real-time alarms for risky operations and attack behaviors. In addition, database audit generates compliance reports that meet data security standards. In this way, it locates internal violations and improper operations, detects and blocks external intrusions as well as protecting data assets.

  • Simple to set up

    Database audit is deployed in bypass pattern. It is simple to set up and operate.

  • Comprehensive audit

    Supports audit of RDS databases and self-built databases on ECS/BMS on HUAWEI CLOUD.

  • Quick identification

    Implements 99%+ application association audit, complete SQL parsing, and accurate protocol analysis.

  • Efficient analysis

    Responds quickly for data query with 10,000 requests per second from massive volumes of data saved.

  • Compliance with various regulations
    • Meets the requirements of database audit for Grade III security compliance.
    • Complies with laws in and outside China such as the cyber security law and SOX.
  • Clear permission division

    Clearly divides permissions among the system administrator, security administrator, and audit administrator, meeting audit security requirements.

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