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Updated at: Dec 23, 2019 GMT+08:00

Database audit delivers functions such as user behavior detection and audit, multi-dimensional lead analysis, real-time alarms, and reports.

  • User Behavior Detection and Audit
    • Associates access operations in the application layer with those in the database layer.
    • Uses built-in or user-defined privacy data protection rules to mask private data (such as accounts and passwords) in audit logs displayed on the console.
  • Multi-dimensional Lead Analysis
    • Behavior analysis

      Supports analysis in multiple dimensions, such as audit duration, statement quantity, risk quantity, risk distribution, session statistics, and SQL distribution.

    • Session analysis

      Conducts analysis based on time, user, IP address, and client.

    • Statement analysis

      Provides multiple search criteria, such as time, risk severity, user, client IP address, database IP address, operation type, and rule.

  • Real-time Alarms for Risky Operations and SQL Injection
    • Risky operation

      Defines a risky operation in fine-grained dimensions such as operation type, operation object, and risk severity.

    • SQL injection

      Provides an SQL injection library, which facilitates alarm reporting for database exceptions based on the SQL command feature or risk severity.

    • System resource

      Reports alarms when the usage of system resources (CPU, memory, and disk) reaches configured threshold.

  • Fine-grained Reports for Various Abnormal Behaviors
    • Session behavior

      Provides session analysis report of the client and database users.

    • Risky operation

      Provides the risk distribution and analysis report.

    • Compliance report

      Provides compliance reports that meet data security standards (for example, Sarbanes-Oxley).

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