Updated on 2023-11-10 GMT+08:00


When to Renew Subscriptions

If a yearly/monthly DB instance is about to expire but you want to continue using it, you need to renew the instance subscription within a specified period, or resources, such as vCPUs and memory, will be automatically released, and data will be lost and cannot be restored.

Only yearly/monthly instance subscriptions can be renewed. If you use pay-per-use instances, just ensure that your account has a valid payment method configured or a top-up account with a sufficient balance.

If you renew a DB instance before it expires, resources will be retained and you can continue using the instance. For details about instance statuses after they have expired and the associated impacts, see Impact of Expiration.

How to Renew Subscriptions

You can renew a yearly/monthly instance manually or automatically.

Table 1 Renewing a yearly/monthly instance



Manually Renewing a GaussDB Instance

You can renew a yearly/monthly DB instance anytime on the console before it is automatically deleted.

Auto-renewing a GaussDB Instance

You can enable auto-renewal to automatically renew the DB instance before it expires. This prevents resources from being deleted in case you forget to renew a subscription.

You can select a method to renew a yearly/monthly DB instance based on the phase the instance is currently in.

Figure 1 Selecting a renewal method based on the instance's current phase

  • A DB instance is in the available state after it is provisioned.
  • When an instance subscription expires, the instance status will change to Expired.
  • If an expired GaussDB instance is not renewed, it enters a grace period. If it is not renewed by the time the grace period expires, the instance will be frozen and enter a retention period.
  • If you do not renew the subscription before the retention period expires, your resources will be automatically deleted.

The grace period and retention period are both 15 days.

You can enable auto-renewal any time before an instance expires. By default, the system will make the first attempt to charge your account for the renewal at 03:00 seven days before the expiry date. If this attempt fails, it will make another attempt at 03:00 every day until the subscription is renewed or expired. You can change the auto-payment date for renewal as required.